Pic shows Manager of Game Express, Ms. Paula P. Calvan receiving the check from the Ms. Torrica McRae, Manager of RSIB. Looking on are CEO of RSI Brokers, Mr. Raj Singh, Mrs. Devani Kowlessar and Mr. Devkumar Persaud, Senior Account Execs of RSI.

Following the recent disastrous floods in various parts of the country, Raj Singh Insurance Brokers has been, able to obtain a speedy settlement of this flood claim from the insurer, Diamond Fire & General Insurance Inc. The insured, Audie & Nazeema Henriques T/As Game Express, has expressed their extreme satisfaction with the very prompt settlement to this claim. Game Express, which is located at Lot 25 North Road, Lacytown, Georgetown, suffered severe water damages to its stock and building during the recent floods.

Raj Singh Insurance Brokers & Risk Management Consultants Inc. in its usual prompt and professional manner was equal to the task with its efficient response to the needs of its clientele and ensured a speedy settlement for its client. Both the client and the Brokers are extremely pleased at the swiftness and efficiency that the Insurer executed the settlement of this claim and trust that this should be the benchmark for which valid claims are settled. Insured’s depend on their insurer to ensure that their valid claims are treated efficiently and to ensure funds are available to guarantee a quick and complete restoration of the client’s business and its operations. In this case, Game Express’ Broker responded with little or no alacrity; worked side by side with Diamond Fire & General Insurance Inc., to expedite the settlement of this claim.

Diamond Fire & General Insurance Inc, through the efforts of Raj Singh Insurance Brokers & Risk Management Consultants Inc.’s qualified and trained staff, have officially paid the claim of close to $5,000,000 today July 17th, 2015. This is truly a sign of the commitment, reliability and collaboration of Raj Singh Insurance Brokers and Diamond Fire & General Insurance Inc. and a reaffirmation of the strength of our Insurance Industry.